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OutReach uses a number of platforms to get results for our roster of loyal clients, including Bing which allows us to provide diversity in our clients’ marketing portfolios.

Aside from being the most gorgeous search page on the Web, Bing supplies our clients with traffic to their sites with favourable sales rates, costs per click, and access to particular audiences not readily available with other search engines.

Since the original search alliance between Yahoo! and MSN, OutReach has quickly become one of Canada’s top agencies and has partnered up with Bing to leverage it’s advantages to our clients.



Most agencies focus solely on their efforts on Google, however as a business owner it’s important to realize that the best return on investment comes from having a proper marketing mix which will maximize your exposure to your target audience.

Our search specialists will assess your campaign requirements and provide a detailed media buy strategy to leverage the right search engines to reach your business goals.

We Are Bing’s First Canadian Case Study!:


OutReach and Bing in The Community:


Click Z Live Toronto


Bing, Bing Places & Bing Ads

There’s little doubt that Bing will acquire more query share as their audience grows and search marketers catch up to their lower CPC. Now is the time to take advantage of Bing’s offerings for your business. In this session we’ll cover all things Bing Canada, from using Bing Places to claim your business listing, Bing Ads search marketing and even Bing Product Ads. We’ll wrap up with some power analytics that you must be using with your Bing Ads search campaign.


Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist at Microsoft
Filip Kudjerski, Search Marketing Specialist, OutReach


mindSHIFT Toronto:


Creating a Pay Per Click Campaign on Bing Ads

This will be a hands on module that participants will be creating a PPC campaign on Bing Ads. A $50 voucher will be given by Bing for all attendees to get started. The module will be run as a hands on lecture style, where a concept will be discussed, taught and then implemented. The goal of this module is to have all participants set up on a basic PPC campaign.


Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist at Microsoft
Filip Kudjerski, Search Marketing Specialist, OutReach


SES Toronto:


Bing Ads: The Must Have Component in Your Canadian Acquisition Strategy

If you’re not advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network¹ in Canada yet, you’re missing out on 3 million unique searchers that do not use Google, and who are likely to spend 34% more online than the average Internet searcher in Canada.² Hear from a panel of advertisers who will share how they’ve grown their business with the network. We’ll also share a quick overview of the latest Bing Ads features.

¹  Yahoo! Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo! Core Search sites in Canada
²  comScore qSearch (custom), March 2013


Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist, Microsoft

Speakers from OutReach:

Vimal Siva, CEO & COO, OutReach
Filip Kudjerski, Search Marketing Specialist, OutReach